laur272727 (laur272727) wrote,

well i havent updated in a while let me think....
Ok on friday me and dubs went to the Mt. clem fire works. It was pretty fun. We spent liek an hour trying to find tia, dubs sister. But thanks god we finally found her. After the fire works we went back to tias friend house. And scott was sossped to pick us up there. And after he liek sat there for about an hour he said he was going home. So then me and dubs had to walk home. OOMMGG can i say i almost god raped 83457894 times. This one time we walked by a house and this guy was yelling then statred walking down his porch we walked sooo fast around the couner and rannnnn to her grandpas house, and made her mom pick us up!! Then we went home and went to bed.

The next day my dad came and got us and we hung out at our house. Scott and gordo came and got us but my parentals wouldnt let us!!! So they waited for my dad to egt home so they could meet him. then you the the uassl wesreal talk..and we still couldnt go. So we pretty much just hung out and weastaled in my frount yard, that was until gordo was crashing dubs and dubs raning into dog poop and flund up at gordo.ewwww. Then we made them watch cheerleading, o they they liked me. then they left anf we ate dinenr. After my parents left for the conert they came back over, cuz dubs mom was really sosped to pick us up but accley they drove us. So we went ti dubs house and gordo decides to put on my underwere. haha funnest thing ever!! Then we sister called and told us to pick her up and lets go get ice creme. So we went to DQ and the next thing her mom comes driving down the street. So we went home and started on those dishes we were allready sossped to do! Then the mom left and we didnt really do anyhting. But the guys were sossed to be home at 12 and they left an hour later. good job guys!!

Yesterday we sesiously sis nothing, dubs came to my house, we sleep , ate, lol. Then at like 9 we started watching extreme home make over and wirting our captins eassys. Then like 9:30 scott and gordo call and asked if we wnated to go bolwing. And thank god we got to leve that house. WE didnt end up going bowling cuz it was closed so we went to miears like always. Me and dubs put on the uassl boas and sunglasses. But then scott decides to put on this little girls shirt. Yep so we flexes and mussels and RIPP, so we botted out of that store. Then Chris s house, and jermey was litghting off fireworks and we almost died! Then scott took me and dubs home and that was our night!
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