laur272727 (laur272727) wrote,

Welll where to start. . .
Man i gotta go back a few days. . .

Well the other day dubs came over then me her my sister brian and ken all went on the wave runners. It was really ruff out but it was quite fun! So then we came home and dubs wanted ice creme so then we went to the mitzel the get stuff to put on it then wabam ms.mitzle opens up a whole drawer fulll of ice creme stuff!!! ooo man! After that we got ready then went to casey going away party. . .:-( We felt a lil ouckward cuz it was alot of seniors, so we chated it up wiht bigs and jen, then gordo called me and said he was coming. But then the cops came. . . so we had to go inside, and ranomly gordo disapered, creppy lol. Then we came home and dubs sleep over. Then later that night we had extreme partice but it was pretty pointless beacuse no one was there! But after that we went to the mitzels of course! Of course they played cards so me and dubs had a yagger bomb, and then were bored for the rest of the night. Then i went home to get my stuff! and yeah they locked all the doors, soooooo i had to CLIMB THREW STEVES WINDOW!!! 007 bitch. Then a lil later i went home.

Later on the next day sarah came over. And of course what did we do go to the mitzels. We went up to ardmore and played!!! haha it was fun. Then we back to the mitzels and went to kapas and got food, eyah. Then the rest fo the night we just sat tehre. Being bored out our mind. We were accley sooo bored it got kidna funny! Soooo at 11 we left! Then we came home and made food of course, then went to sleep
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