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Well here comes a long one....

me sare and dubs hung out at my house for a bit.then we went to sares and then eb and kenny came over and we all watched a intense laguna beach and i alomst died cuz dubs choke me!then we all walked up to 7-11 and we got some individual ice creams and i got some awesome ice creme and they made fun of me!lol . ya then they went home and the girls went back to sares.then we went online and courtney and sare asked us to sneak we went and meet up with them and we started to walk somewhere not even gonna mention whos house we start walking then we just dont feel like it so we stop and call like 34384 people for a ride home and no one would get there lazy asses up and come get us. so dubs and sare randomly decided to climb a building.. ya n e ways we start walking and we get to bon brae and little mack we stop and see these kids and they obviously thought they were black cuz they were ghetto as hell.. and we were just chatting it up with them and then conway called and said they would come pick us up and theyd be there in 15 minutes so we waited and these kids just kept sitting htere and no one was even talking to them anymore lol.. anyways we call conway gordo and steven back and ask were they are and there like 5 minutes and im like there probably gonna be like on bikes and peg us they still werent there and we call back and courtneys like were are u and hes like on little mack and shes like no! im looking and i dont see a car at all and there like i promis you were here and then all of a sudden we se three bikes riding down the street! OMGGGG lmao it was hilar i have to say. to they get down to us and we just start sitting like on the corner at like 2am on l.m. and cops are driving by and all of a sudden one cop drives by and im like sweet he diddnt stop its cool then another cop drives by the oposite way and everyone starts running and gordos like hes stopping and im like noo theres a red light and i just started running Then i ran into someones back yeard and but then we chilled in someones back yard for like a hour and i was like shaking then steven called megan and was like gordo and conway got caught and were liek fuck man and steven went to one of his friends house across the street and chilled there and were like okay the cops took conway and gordo so they cant be patroling this steet lets just like jet over to were steven is so we like run there and then we see gordo and conway riding down the street cuz the cops just asked were they lived and told them to get home i guess so then we went to the guys house and chilled there and talked to him, he was pretty cool. then we called some poepe for rides since we knew the police were out and it was like 3am and finally danny travis said he would come and get us so he came and took us back to sares and took megan and courtney back to there house. then me laurena nd sare just like had one hour of sleep before practice. yeaa sweet

I do love these nights
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