laur272727 (laur272727) wrote,

Well lets see on friday casey and allysee picked up at liek 8 and we went and saw ducks of hazzards. It was sooo good, and very funny! We went to the AMC, dude that teather is huge! well after the movie i went home. In the moring i had to drive. After i drove sarah came over, and we just hung out at the mitzels that whoel night. So we came home at 12 and we made pasta!! yeah i no were fags, then we went to bed. Well the next day we went to go wake steve up by knoking on our window, but ms.mitzel and michell saw us and sacrid us, bu steve was alreasdy up newase, so we went to go wake up brian and as soon as we walk in the dorr he stands up out of his bed humm. Well later on we went on the wave runners. It was a crazy day. Me and sare were driving together and all of a sudden i turn and i flipped over the frount of the jet ski and knoke up hip, head, lip and chin. And i dunno what heppen to sare she fell off the back. but o man that hurt. then sare ran over EB wave runner, nice going sare lol. Well we came in and got ready then we went abck to the mitzels, to do wut watch them play 10 games of pool!!! so we went wand watch thirteen!! its what we do best. So we went to sares and made tots lol, and ate a whoel bunch of other food, then we went to bed!
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