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Well i just got back from camp. It was really fun and the team bonded alot. We were doing erally well me and meg got a solid lib, and we got two double downs. Also me and dubs got some sweet stunts called a ball up and a tic tock. There quite fun. We also learned two sweet dances. Then on the second night was 80's night. It was sooo fun. We got all dressed up in 80's clothes and the staff did a crazy rotuine. We did some contest and jamies lawtons group won longest exentstion, then dubs stumped the staff by doing her full!! Then on the last day we were partice for eval, and brittney just HAD to do it one more time. at the end everyone said they were twisting but we told bree not to beacuse we didnt feel ready. But she twisted right over my head and landed on me a little witch broke the fall a little and landed on the mat and broke her coller bone :-( Im extemley sorry, i hope to see you heal soon. So they ahd to take bree tot he hosptial and we had to change our eval all around. but then we ended up gettting a blue witch is like no mistakes, and very good. Then when we got home steve came over, and a little later sare anna and dubs did too. Well we started doing singles, and dubs got me up into an extentions by her self, pretty sweet dude. then we started doing libs, and we got a solid lib and poped it was sweet. Then we wnated to try some more stuff so we did a show and go into a lilttle basket thing. It was hard core.!!!
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