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Well lets see on sayurday i went to jamies bday party. Then once bigs boyfriend got there we he drove us back to biggs house and i sleep over there. Cam stayed over there for liek an hour then he left. Me and bigs were sossped to hang out with liam and jo mel but they kinda bailed, so we called scotty and we ended up going glatic bowling with them. On the way home we decided to play car tag. Somehow we ended up at bolsem heth by the water, and then scott tryed to say his car brock and we went really close to thema nd they tryed to tag us. It was quite fun. Then we went to chris s house and gordo and steve started to walk to sares but me and bigs had to be home so they all came over there and they forget about gordo and steve so they had to go get them. They just hung out there till like 3 then they went home and me and bigs boy tlkaed then went to sleep.
The next day i went home when she went to work. Then me and my picked up dubs and my dad took us through his life story then took us out to eat. Then anna and sare came over and we went to the mitzels. Well we were having a delima trying to find out where to sleep. So i called mr.mitzel from the sauna and asked if we could sleep over, and thinking we were joking he said yes. So we got all happy, but he said it wanted a good night maybe on a weekend!!! so hopfully soon we will!! lol. Soooo uh well thne my mom said she would drive us to dubs at 11. Man wut was she smoking. So we went to dubs and jermey and steve came over we didnt do anything cuz wlaked around dubs park then they left. Well dubs and sare wnated to take dubs mom car i was to sacrid along wiht anna so we didnt go. So me and anna fall alseep then i wake up and there gone im liek o hell. so i call on dubs house fone and she get all freked out! lol
Well anna left at 9 now me sare and dubs are just hanging out!!

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