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Well on tuesday anna picked me up and i went to j.v. partice eiht her cuz i wnated to see how they were doign and help them out; Well dubs mom was sossped to drop her off at the school but noooo she just wanst home, so we go back to annas and wait for dubs so we can watch laguna beach she fiannly gets there at like 8:30 and then we watched laguna for the rest of the night! ; Well then the final show comes ona nd anna thinks were slepping in the basement all on one couch i dont no what the ehll she was thinkin; So she is trying to pull a table up to sleep on and were liek anna seisously were going in your room and going to bed; so once we got in her rome me and dubs wnated to watch snow day, haha i no were fags, and feel alseep and me and dubs did some hardcore cheer talk and then went to bed; Well in the moring we watched annas lil cousin she is sooo cute; Then after that holly picked me and and we tryed to get hole sosspers for 2 hours, and of course no luck; So she droped me off back at annas then me dubs and anna went to kaits and went swiming with her and sare.  We got hungry so we went to pizza hut; Yeah well we orded to much food so we took a whole pizza home.  Well i wanted to go to cvs to get an under water cam but we ahd a pizza sooo we hide the pizza and wet to cvs, and then back to kaits and went swiming.  After we got ready conway steve and kyle walked over then we walked back to steve lights house but the boys took a differnt way and wernt there; they said they went to melissa so we got all mad, then steve came back and said they lied and that we were goign bowlign and david would be here to pick us up; that was until sares mom called and said we had to be home in 10 mins.  Sooo DAVID and VINNIE pick us up and we had to stop at kaits to egt our stuff lets add anna isnt here...cuz she went to here house and snek in there it get the rest of our stuff, thne we went really fast to sares the boted into her house.

Ok well heres where shit starts to hit the fan.  Well some drama starts sooo we pretened to go to bed at 11 and we sneek out and walk to the fing bowling ally at 9 mile form sares; Lets add it is raing and about 12 aclook well we are almost there and we david fing drive by and didnt stop. Well i dunno if they were looking for us so we hide! and we finnaly get tehre and blah blah blah tryed to slove the drama; So we didnt want to wlak home and david had no room in his car so andy fisher and mike jason came and picked us up; We didnt want to go home so we told them to drop us off at ardmore; So we sat up there for liek a half an hour and girl tlkaed then we called david and told him to coem up there; Well we was all by himself, hima nd akit talked and sare was ont he fone the whole time and so we dubs and annie tlkaed; So then we see kait and david get into the car and drive off where liek o shit; but then they pulled into the parkign lot and there liek hurry up get in someone called the cops! So we get outta there; But david had to go home and we didnt want to go home yet so he droped us off at the end of sares street by the lake; We were sitting there tlkaing then all of a sudden we here this really frekky nose that sounded leik a hose! were liek o shit someone is come but then the spinklers came on; so we came up wiht the idea to slide down the hill int he spiklers it was fun! then steve said they wnated to come by.; Well we waited from them and it started down poring we we played int he rain; So liek an hour later vin, steve, and kyle get there; And we played in thw spiklers a lil more, and said we watned to go in; So being the oblious guys are they were sooo loud when we walked past sares house im leik seious come on! So we got back into ehr house; And were dripping wet so we kinda hide our clothes cuz i eman why else would our clothes be wet

Well we got liek 2 hours of sleep not even then we went to partice; Dubs came over after and yeha we went to sleep and ddint wake up till four, and of course noone in there rihgt mind woke us up; Well then dubs mom picked us up, and we stayed at dubs house.  Well we were kidna under the intenion that jermey was gonan pick us up cuz he kdian said he would; so we kept saying he would; Well then it is 11 oclock and dubs mom leaves for the whole night we ahd the whole house to our selfs but nope still wouldnt come; So me and dubs did the only thing to do ,MAKE A PIZZA AT 1 AM.  I eman theres not to much to do at the time; So after that we went to bed; And yep time to wake up for partyice and wait whos not tehre her mom.&; Well she said she was on her way but then she got stuck in a big car acident! but then she came home and drove me to partice!


me and dubs in greek town

me and kait at pizza hut

kait being a snake

me and annie

kait and sare doing some sex

annie has a boner

awww...i lvoe you guys!!

anna peeing in the sink cuz sare took the potty

she kinda missed

well hi kait!! lol

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