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Well the past two days have been geting back to those crazy summer nights i guess. Well after extreme partice me holl and meg went and tryed to find hole sospers, nope of course didnt get one. Well my parents were at a baseball game and dubs was ossplbey over but being the good ffriend i am i let her and sare go hang out with their boys!! Well i was home alone then melsisa and josh came over since i havent seen them in forever. Then finnal the mitzels came home so we went over there! Hung out played some intense bball then mel and josh went and got some ice caps. yum. So me and steve were just hanging out and my dad calls and say he is home! im liek ohh hell dubs isnt here, so im liek can i stay till 11, and thank god he said yes. 5 mins later dubs got there and we went home, and there waited mel with ym ice cap.

Well today we got up and went to my family party and as soon as we got home we went to dubs house. We pretty much just hung out here till like 11 ish then jermey and zack came over. Well being the fat selfs they are they just stared cooking up some food!! Well it all started zack got up dubs cheer uniforma nd trys it on, well u no once u try one a grl elfit everyone does. so then we all started playing dress up. Man on man do i got some hot friends!! Well then they left at like 1 and now me and dubs are doing nothing!!


zach in dubs's cheer uniform
Varsity cheer 05 lol
Jeremy with dubs size 0 pants on lol
dubs jeans and her fav shirt o boy
In dubs american eagle jeans woo hoo lol
cheer skirt and shirt from when dubs was like 10
Zach likin jeremy's nipple lol
booty shorts:)
the girls..
my pal shaneqwa
cute outfit zach!
sexy twins.
dubs and her hott friend lakeshia.
we did his makeup
dubs Zach and me, dubs and me have camerons clothes on ya hes 5 lol
dubsand camerons clothes againn./
we look like hookers lol..
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