laur272727 (laur272727) wrote,

sares house

well last night we went to sarahs house. Then scott gordo jermey steve came picked us up and we went to steve l house. We really didnt do anthing. shan came over. But then steve mom made us leave, and the guys were being real cocks to us so we told them we wanted to go home. Then they drop us off and we kinda got in a fight, and conway and steve are liek well talk 2 them and then they finnal left. Then we called jermey and he said he would come get us later, but then he said he didnt ahve alot of gas. So were like ok well just go to bed. Then at liek 1 they call and say well be there in 15 mins. Sooo we snek out...haha, then we ahd to pee so we went down to the end of the street and peed behind this fence, haha were rebals. Then they came and we didnt no wut to do so we went to gordos old house and explored that then they wnated us to leve so they droped us off. Then we had to snek back in and that was our night
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