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Ok well i dont really rember where i stoped or what i did soooo let me try to rember.  WEll i rember a couple of days ago dubs and jamie came over after partices, and for some VERY random reason my mom went to burger king three times in a row?? i think she just wnated to leave cuz she was sick of us.  But after that erik and mike and sare came over and we swam.  Then the boys left and we were trying to help jamie stunt.  Then after we ate dinner jermey conway and steve came over and we went to the mitzels, and we were waiting for scott to get off work so we could go play lazer tag, but uh well it wasnt open?? Sooo we went and say a movie.  We saw war of the worlds well it was ok but most of us feel alseep.  Then we came home...and MISSION COMPLETE!!!! HAHA
Then the next moring we went to partices and me and jamie came back here and sleep, then at like 5 dubs came and got me.  Then we had to go with her mom to go tanning, well we just sat in the car and listin to music real loud and danced....well people stared :-(  Then we went back to dubs house and got ready and scott picked us up.  Then we were on a mission to find conway.  we pretty much stalked him, then we saw him in his window and kept calling..haha.  He finnaly awserned and said give him 10 mins.  so we wernt up to civic and scott let us drive.  Well me and dubs pretty much rock, but scott just likes to say we dont!!! Then we went and got him and drove around.  Then we went up to blossom heth...i dont no how to speel it.  Then we drove a little more, then got out and sat by the water.  Then we went back tos cotts house to see if we could use jermey truck.  He said yes, so they drove us home, then liek 10 mins later 007 threw tias window, and sleep over. 
Then me and dubs went to partice came home and sleep till 4!! :-)


Thirteen random things you like:
01) going to the movies
02) kissing
03) walking on the beach

04) my friends
05) rollercoasters
06) sneeking out
07) lazer tag
08) cheerleading
09) jumping on the trampoline with saving creme
10) swimming
11) random nights
12) slepping
13) drive at night and lstin to loud music

Twelve Movies
01) the notebook
02) mean girls
03) napoleon dynamite
04) states tapes
05) mr. and mr. smith
06) pearl harbor
07) titanic
08) amityville horror
09) dirty dancing
10) pocahontas
11) hide and seek
12) alice in wonderland

Eleven good bands/artists:
01) fall out boy
02) yellowcard
03) vanessa carlition
04) unwrittin law
05) the used
07) taking back sunday
08) somthing corperte

09) missy elliott
10) ashanti
11) ciara

Ten things about you ... physically:
01) 4'11
02) 115
03) brown eyes
04) blonde hair
05) shright teeth
06) small hands
07) size 5 feet

08) size 3 pants
09) priced ears
10) lots of

Nine good friends:
01) dubs
02) sare
03) anna
04) shan
05) kait
06) steve m
07) steve l
08) brian
09) scott

Eight favorite foods/drinks:
01) pizza
02) ice creme
03) cookies
04) pasta
06) cheese sticks
07) fries
08) salade

Seven things you wear daily:
01) bra
02) pants/shorts/skirts
03) shirt
04) contacks
05) my luck
06) cami

07) bathing suit

Six things that annoy you:
01) Wanna be whores
02) Then clap are off in cheer
03) Annoying girls
04) When people lie about not having money
05) When guys tell you to come over and play poker
06) Traffic jams

Five things you touch everyday:
01) my hair
02) lips
03) My eyes
04) food
05) computer

Four shows you watch:
01) degrassi
02) Extreme home makeover
03) america's next top model
04) Desperte housewilfs

Three places you go regularly:
01) My pool
02) cheerleading
03) Dubs house

Two of your favorite books:
01) Forever
02) The outsiders

One of your favorite smells:
01) EB

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