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man o man

Well where to start...
Well on saturday my mom drove me sare dubs steve and conway to the fondu room. and they decied to freak em out and tell me they didnt ahve money and i got all sacrid. Then her mom pick us up and we went back to dubs house. And her brother was seisuosly beating us up. It was so bad. So then at about midnight her mom liek its about time 2 wrap it up, so we told ehr we were gonana walk the boys out so we went for a little walk and they came back with us yep and they slep over!! so at 5:30 we told them they ahd to go in the closet just in case ehr mom came ina dn let em add they were in tehre for an hour be4 they came out. Then i called my dad and he came and picked me anna up. Then we went back to anna and i slep over there. We went to the grose poiint fire works. I dont i have ever seen so amny people in ym life. Then we came abck to anna and sare dubs steve steve and scott call and tell us to sneek out. but anna didnt want to and iw asnt gonan ditch her. So they liek sat in there car for about an hour trying to get us to go but we didnt end up going. We watched degrssi then went to bed. In the moring me and anna came abck to my house and went swimign and layed out. then scott m. said he was drinving and was gonna stop by so we came over for about and hour. Then i went to gym, it was very good. My tucks were really high. So i worked my layouts the first few were good then i kinda just gave up, and wnated to pretent to be a gymnisant. haha im cool. then after gym i went to dubs house. We made a pizza and called conway steve and scott and told them 2 pick us up. so after we got ready they came and got us. We went to baskin robbin and they were making fun of us and saying we were fat. I mean come on who does that. Then after that we went to migers. haha oommmgg it was sooo much fun. MY PICS WILL BE IN MY PIC THING. we pretty much just took random pics, and then scott threw me in the pillow bin and i couldnt get out. It was so funny. Then after that we went to steve house, and basicly just wreasted the whole time. Yep i rock!! :-) But then his mom told us we had to go, but we dint wanna go home, so dubs called her moma nd asked if we could sleep over elliots but she wnated to talk 2 elliots so we went to her house, and she liek i ened to tlak 2 there parnets soo were liek omg just nvm. So elliot had to drive us home cuz scott had to get the car in by 12. But we called conway steve and scott back anc told them 2 come over to dubs. And some hoe they got jermeys car and came over. Yep we had 2 break tias window so they could egt trough. And they ened up sleeping over, they left at like 5 and then we went to partice..

man o man....
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