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Wellll yesterday i was had partice at 6:30-8:30 i came home and went to sleep till liek 12. Then sare calls ans says she wants 2 come swiming ta like 4 . Im like uhhh ok were gonan be gone but sure. So they deff stayed at my house for like 5 hours alone. there winner man ill tell u. :-) But anywase i went on the boat with my family. We went to mac and rays to eat. Yeah so i deff. tryed squid. It was really good. haha, yep thats coming from the pickest eater alive!! Then on the way home we drove threw metro, and then went by where they shot the fireworks off. Then we went back to my atuns house and went in the hot tub and thats bout it.

We miss you gordo.....its so dull without you, were not having any late night swims in the lake or anything!!!
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