laur272727 (laur272727) wrote,

no clothes

Wellllll today was been sesiuosly the most fun and ranodm day ever!!! Well first i had a family party. Blah blah nothing big. After that Liam picked me up and we went to starbucks and then just drove around. And yesss he let me drive. Im sooo good man. Then we just drove around for like an hour. After that annas mom picked me up and dubs was wiht her to then i went over anna. Then Jermey, gordo, and steve l. picked us up. And we drove aorund for a little bit, yep got up to 105, very fast!! Then we stoped at wendeys cuz steve wnated a fruit cup, but they didnt have it, so he asked for a fruit bowl witch was 5 dollers!!! so we minsed that. now tell me how they had a bowl and not a cup. Sooooo we went to korger to get fruit cups!!! Sooo then gordo and steve decided to go in the back of the truck, yep soo we went on the express way. Haha sooo funny. they we went to steve house and watched the game and played a little pocker. We tryed to play strip pocker but i always got the stupid high crad so i quite. They were deff. cheating. Yep so his mom didnt no we were over so we keep having to hide!!! it was kidna like a game. Then we left and went driving, and we deciedwe wnated to go swiming. now heres where it all went down!! So we go on ardmore or some street and the gate was open. Sooo gordo went in first, then me and dubs wnated to we got the boys clothes and went swiming.....but then this car comes and stops rihgt at the end of the street we touhgt it was the cops. Yep so lets all were all half naked and are cloths are all over the place. They liek sat tehre for 5 mins. Theey finnaly left and we got out of there as fast as we could!!!

Wut a fun night!!!! i LOVE random days
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