laur272727 (laur272727) wrote,

best day

Well i pretty much just had the best and most random day of my life!!
Well i was pretty bored and yeah i was sleeping then sare and kait called and said im goin to starbucks and the mall with them. So i got dress and jeff miller took us to the mall to get pretzels then to starbucks...yummm.  Then we went to mike jason house.  And mike needed shoes soooo we went to lakeside and met john flat and johnny b at the mall.  Yeah sooo they didnt end up getting shoes but o well.  Then we went to JOHNNY B house.  O man, i can die happy.  And now sares here.  And uh she sleeping over


Sare and kait

 woo weird faces..haha look at sare!


My two favorite sisters!!!


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