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August 15th, 2005 ♥ 1:00pm]
Welll where to start. . .
Man i gotta go back a few days. . .

Well the other day dubs came over then me her my sister brian and ken all went on the wave runners. It was really ruff out but it was quite fun! So then we came home and dubs wanted ice creme so then we went to the mitzel the get stuff to put on it then wabam ms.mitzle opens up a whole drawer fulll of ice creme stuff!!! ooo man! After that we got ready then went to casey going away party. . .:-( We felt a lil ouckward cuz it was alot of seniors, so we chated it up wiht bigs and jen, then gordo called me and said he was coming. But then the cops came. . . so we had to go inside, and ranomly gordo disapered, creppy lol. Then we came home and dubs sleep over. Then later that night we had extreme partice but it was pretty pointless beacuse no one was there! But after that we went to the mitzels of course! Of course they played cards so me and dubs had a yagger bomb, and then were bored for the rest of the night. Then i went home to get my stuff! and yeah they locked all the doors, soooooo i had to CLIMB THREW STEVES WINDOW!!! 007 bitch. Then a lil later i went home.

Later on the next day sarah came over. And of course what did we do go to the mitzels. We went up to ardmore and played!!! haha it was fun. Then we back to the mitzels and went to kapas and got food, eyah. Then the rest fo the night we just sat tehre. Being bored out our mind. We were accley sooo bored it got kidna funny! Soooo at 11 we left! Then we came home and made food of course, then went to sleep

August 10th, 2005 ♥ 11:46pm]
Well here comes a long one....

me sare and dubs hung out at my house for a bit.then we went to sares and then eb and kenny came over and we all watched a intense laguna beach and i alomst died cuz dubs choke me!then we all walked up to 7-11 and we got some individual ice creams and i got some awesome ice creme and they made fun of me!lol . ya then they went home and the girls went back to sares.then we went online and courtney and sare asked us to sneak out.so we went and meet up with them and we started to walk somewhere not even gonna mention whos house lol..so we start walking then we just dont feel like it so we stop and call like 34384 people for a ride home and no one would get there lazy asses up and come get us. so dubs and sare randomly decided to climb a building.. ya n e ways we start walking and we get to bon brae and little mack we stop and see these kids and they obviously thought they were black cuz they were ghetto as hell.. and we were just chatting it up with them and then conway called and said they would come pick us up and theyd be there in 15 minutes so we waited and these kids just kept sitting htere and no one was even talking to them anymore lol.. anyways we call conway gordo and steven back and ask were they are and there like 5 minutes and im like there probably gonna be like on bikes and peg us lol..so they still werent there and we call back and courtneys like were are u and hes like on little mack and shes like no! im looking and i dont see a car at all and there like i promis you were here and then all of a sudden we se three bikes riding down the street! OMGGGG lmao it was hilar i have to say. to they get down to us and we just start sitting like on the corner at like 2am on l.m. and cops are driving by and all of a sudden one cop drives by and im like sweet he diddnt stop its cool then another cop drives by the oposite way and everyone starts running and gordos like hes stopping and im like noo theres a red light and i just started running Then i ran into someones back yeard and but then we chilled in someones back yard for like a hour and i was like shaking then steven called megan and was like gordo and conway got caught and were liek fuck man and steven went to one of his friends house across the street and chilled there and were like okay the cops took conway and gordo so they cant be patroling this steet lets just like jet over to were steven is so we like run there and then we see gordo and conway riding down the street cuz the cops just asked were they lived and told them to get home i guess so then we went to the guys house and chilled there and talked to him, he was pretty cool. then we called some poepe for rides since we knew the police were out and it was like 3am and finally danny travis said he would come and get us so he came and took us back to sares and took megan and courtney back to there house. then me laurena nd sare just like had one hour of sleep before practice. yeaa sweet

I do love these nights

August 10th, 2005 ♥ 4:06pm]
Home coming 2005
Where in it 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
To win it
Blue, pause, Sliver, pause, White, pause
we've got it all we wont be stop, 2 and 3 hips 4
We'll show you, 1 2 3 4, what we've got

August 8th, 2005 ♥ 1:47pm]
Well lets see on friday casey and allysee picked up at liek 8 and we went and saw ducks of hazzards. It was sooo good, and very funny! We went to the AMC, dude that teather is huge! well after the movie i went home. In the moring i had to drive. After i drove sarah came over, and we just hung out at the mitzels that whoel night. So we came home at 12 and we made pasta!! yeah i no were fags, then we went to bed. Well the next day we went to go wake steve up by knoking on our window, but ms.mitzel and michell saw us and sacrid us, bu steve was alreasdy up newase, so we went to go wake up brian and as soon as we walk in the dorr he stands up out of his bed humm. Well later on we went on the wave runners. It was a crazy day. Me and sare were driving together and all of a sudden i turn and i flipped over the frount of the jet ski and knoke up hip, head, lip and chin. And i dunno what heppen to sare she fell off the back. but o man that hurt. then sare ran over EB wave runner, nice going sare lol. Well we came in and got ready then we went abck to the mitzels, to do wut watch them play 10 games of pool!!! so we went wand watch thirteen!! its what we do best. So we went to sares and made tots lol, and ate a whoel bunch of other food, then we went to bed!

August 5th, 2005 ♥ 6:44am]
Well i havent updated in like a week...

Nothing big has happened just had some people sleep over.

I started DT, finnally. Yep i take it in the middle of no where, have no friends its kinda bad, but im over it!

I hung out with old friends witch was nice.

Camp [Sunday
July 31st, 2005 ♥ 2:07pm]
Well i just got back from camp. It was really fun and the team bonded alot. We were doing erally well me and meg got a solid lib, and we got two double downs. Also me and dubs got some sweet stunts called a ball up and a tic tock. There quite fun. We also learned two sweet dances. Then on the second night was 80's night. It was sooo fun. We got all dressed up in 80's clothes and the staff did a crazy rotuine. We did some contest and jamies lawtons group won longest exentstion, then dubs stumped the staff by doing her full!! Then on the last day we were partice for eval, and brittney just HAD to do it one more time. at the end everyone said they were twisting but we told bree not to beacuse we didnt feel ready. But she twisted right over my head and landed on me a little witch broke the fall a little and landed on the mat and broke her coller bone :-( Im extemley sorry, i hope to see you heal soon. So they ahd to take bree tot he hosptial and we had to change our eval all around. but then we ended up gettting a blue witch is like no mistakes, and very good. Then when we got home steve came over, and a little later sare anna and dubs did too. Well we started doing singles, and dubs got me up into an extentions by her self, pretty sweet dude. then we started doing libs, and we got a solid lib and poped it was sweet. Then we wnated to try some more stuff so we did a show and go into a lilttle basket thing. It was hard core.!!!

July 25th, 2005 ♥ 3:37pm]
Well lets see on sayurday i went to jamies bday party. Then once bigs boyfriend got there we he drove us back to biggs house and i sleep over there. Cam stayed over there for liek an hour then he left. Me and bigs were sossped to hang out with liam and jo mel but they kinda bailed, so we called scotty and we ended up going glatic bowling with them. On the way home we decided to play car tag. Somehow we ended up at bolsem heth by the water, and then scott tryed to say his car brock and we went really close to thema nd they tryed to tag us. It was quite fun. Then we went to chris s house and gordo and steve started to walk to sares but me and bigs had to be home so they all came over there and they forget about gordo and steve so they had to go get them. They just hung out there till like 3 then they went home and me and bigs boy tlkaed then went to sleep.
The next day i went home when she went to work. Then me and my picked up dubs and my dad took us through his life story then took us out to eat. Then anna and sare came over and we went to the mitzels. Well we were having a delima trying to find out where to sleep. So i called mr.mitzel from the sauna and asked if we could sleep over, and thinking we were joking he said yes. So we got all happy, but he said it wanted a good night maybe on a weekend!!! so hopfully soon we will!! lol. Soooo uh well thne my mom said she would drive us to dubs at 11. Man wut was she smoking. So we went to dubs and jermey and steve came over we didnt do anything cuz wlaked around dubs park then they left. Well dubs and sare wnated to take dubs mom car i was to sacrid along wiht anna so we didnt go. So me and anna fall alseep then i wake up and there gone im liek o hell. so i call on dubs house fone and she get all freked out! lol
Well anna left at 9 now me sare and dubs are just hanging out!!


July 22nd, 2005 ♥ 10:31am]


Well on tuesday anna picked me up and i went to j.v. partice eiht her cuz i wnated to see how they were doign and help them out; Well dubs mom was sossped to drop her off at the school but noooo she just wanst home, so we go back to annas and wait for dubs so we can watch laguna beach she fiannly gets there at like 8:30 and then we watched laguna for the rest of the night! ; Well then the final show comes ona nd anna thinks were slepping in the basement all on one couch i dont no what the ehll she was thinkin; So she is trying to pull a table up to sleep on and were liek anna seisously were going in your room and going to bed; so once we got in her rome me and dubs wnated to watch snow day, haha i no were fags, and feel alseep and me and dubs did some hardcore cheer talk and then went to bed; Well in the moring we watched annas lil cousin she is sooo cute; Then after that holly picked me and and we tryed to get hole sosspers for 2 hours, and of course no luck; So she droped me off back at annas then me dubs and anna went to kaits and went swiming with her and sare.  We got hungry so we went to pizza hut; Yeah well we orded to much food so we took a whole pizza home.  Well i wanted to go to cvs to get an under water cam but we ahd a pizza sooo we hide the pizza and wet to cvs, and then back to kaits and went swiming.  After we got ready conway steve and kyle walked over then we walked back to steve lights house but the boys took a differnt way and wernt there; they said they went to melissa so we got all mad, then steve came back and said they lied and that we were goign bowlign and david would be here to pick us up; that was until sares mom called and said we had to be home in 10 mins.  Sooo DAVID and VINNIE pick us up and we had to stop at kaits to egt our stuff lets add anna isnt here...cuz she went to here house and snek in there it get the rest of our stuff, thne we went really fast to sares the boted into her house.

Ok well heres where shit starts to hit the fan.  Well some drama starts sooo we pretened to go to bed at 11 and we sneek out and walk to the fing bowling ally at 9 mile form sares; Lets add it is raing and about 12 aclook well we are almost there and we david fing drive by and didnt stop. Well i dunno if they were looking for us so we hide! and we finnaly get tehre and blah blah blah tryed to slove the drama; So we didnt want to wlak home and david had no room in his car so andy fisher and mike jason came and picked us up; We didnt want to go home so we told them to drop us off at ardmore; So we sat up there for liek a half an hour and girl tlkaed then we called david and told him to coem up there; Well we was all by himself, hima nd akit talked and sare was ont he fone the whole time and so we dubs and annie tlkaed; So then we see kait and david get into the car and drive off where liek o shit; but then they pulled into the parkign lot and there liek hurry up get in someone called the cops! So we get outta there; But david had to go home and we didnt want to go home yet so he droped us off at the end of sares street by the lake; We were sitting there tlkaing then all of a sudden we here this really frekky nose that sounded leik a hose! were liek o shit someone is come but then the spinklers came on; so we came up wiht the idea to slide down the hill int he spiklers it was fun! then steve said they wnated to come by.; Well we waited from them and it started down poring we we played int he rain; So liek an hour later vin, steve, and kyle get there; And we played in thw spiklers a lil more, and said we watned to go in; So being the oblious guys are they were sooo loud when we walked past sares house im leik seious come on! So we got back into ehr house; And were dripping wet so we kinda hide our clothes cuz i eman why else would our clothes be wet

Well we got liek 2 hours of sleep not even then we went to partice; Dubs came over after and yeha we went to sleep and ddint wake up till four, and of course noone in there rihgt mind woke us up; Well then dubs mom picked us up, and we stayed at dubs house.  Well we were kidna under the intenion that jermey was gonan pick us up cuz he kdian said he would; so we kept saying he would; Well then it is 11 oclock and dubs mom leaves for the whole night we ahd the whole house to our selfs but nope still wouldnt come; So me and dubs did the only thing to do ,MAKE A PIZZA AT 1 AM.  I eman theres not to much to do at the time; So after that we went to bed; And yep time to wake up for partyice and wait whos not tehre her mom.&; Well she said she was on her way but then she got stuck in a big car acident! but then she came home and drove me to partice!


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July 18th, 2005 ♥ 1:21am]
Well the past two days have been geting back to those crazy summer nights i guess. Well after extreme partice me holl and meg went and tryed to find hole sospers, nope of course didnt get one. Well my parents were at a baseball game and dubs was ossplbey over but being the good ffriend i am i let her and sare go hang out with their boys!! Well i was home alone then melsisa and josh came over since i havent seen them in forever. Then finnal the mitzels came home so we went over there! Hung out played some intense bball then mel and josh went and got some ice caps. yum. So me and steve were just hanging out and my dad calls and say he is home! im liek ohh hell dubs isnt here, so im liek can i stay till 11, and thank god he said yes. 5 mins later dubs got there and we went home, and there waited mel with ym ice cap.

Well today we got up and went to my family party and as soon as we got home we went to dubs house. We pretty much just hung out here till like 11 ish then jermey and zack came over. Well being the fat selfs they are they just stared cooking up some food!! Well it all started zack got up dubs cheer uniforma nd trys it on, well u no once u try one a grl elfit everyone does. so then we all started playing dress up. Man on man do i got some hot friends!! Well then they left at like 1 and now me and dubs are doing nothing!!


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July 15th, 2005 ♥ 9:26pm]
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sares house [Sunday
July 10th, 2005 ♥ 2:49pm]
well last night we went to sarahs house. Then scott gordo jermey steve came picked us up and we went to steve l house. We really didnt do anthing. shan came over. But then steve mom made us leave, and the guys were being real cocks to us so we told them we wanted to go home. Then they drop us off and we kinda got in a fight, and conway and steve are liek well talk 2 them and then they finnal left. Then we called jermey and he said he would come get us later, but then he said he didnt ahve alot of gas. So were like ok well just go to bed. Then at liek 1 they call and say well be there in 15 mins. Sooo we snek out...haha, then we ahd to pee so we went down to the end of the street and peed behind this fence, haha were rebals. Then they came and we didnt no wut to do so we went to gordos old house and explored that then they wnated us to leve so they droped us off. Then we had to snek back in and that was our night

finnaly updated/and something for y o u [Friday
July 8th, 2005 ♥ 10:35am]

I really dont want to do this but it is time for an update, its gonna be a long one i can tell....

Ok well on fourth of july my parents went to a conercrt and dubs and sare sleep over, my paretns said i could have people over, so i did. The mitzels came over and kenny and stuff. Then gordo, steve, conway, and jermey came over, gordo brought stuff to drink. Well then iot strated getting crazy and sarah went total out of controal and we could not make her clam down for the life of it. I touhgt this was kinda of funny, at some point in this night sarah droped the kool-aid and i started fliping out cuz i wanted it to drink, so i randomly started making more kool-aid having no clue what im doing, later ont hat night dubs drink this nasty ass kool-aid i made and theres suger all over the counter and floor ti was sooo bad. Well anywase then these random people start showing up. Im sesiously confused out my mind. Im standing at the door and im liek who are you? and they liek wouldnt awsner so i slamed the door in there face and locked it. We then zach told the people the cops were coming cuz i just wanted everyone to leve, so alot of people left and scott came over and helped us clean up. Well like 10 of us were sittin in my house and my mom come pulling in so we all jet outside and say were going swiming! Well now tis 12 oclock and were now just going swiming. so of course after my parents come home about 8 more people come over im liek what are you doing here. About a half an hour later every1 left and we got ready for bed. We we called scott steve and conway and told them to come back over. Well at liek 2 they came and so did gordo. Well we were alseep so they come into the gradge and wach us up. We ung out int he grade for a while and tryed to figer out what to do. I just knew my dad was gonan coem out so i stayed. They left and i was sacrid to be int he grade alone so i went inside to pretend to go to the bath room, when iw as wlakign out of the bathing room i herd my dad get up i just jeted to the tent, and pretened i was sleep, yeah so he comes in and i liek where is dubs and sarah iom liek there in here what are you tlkaing bout hes liek no there not. Well then i said there prob in the bath room. But my dad went out frount and saw all the guys and sare and dubs tryed to egt in the grade but my dad saw them. They were screwed so we had to sleep in the house.

Next moring went and got a physcal egt took 2 and a half hours. Well we were freaking out cuz we had to pee in a cup and we wetre sacird they were gonna tell that we drank. Well so im trying to pee int he stupid cup and i droped in it in the fing tolliot, haha it was soo funny. They id dint clean it out cuz for some reason i tought it would mess ti up and they couldnt tell. but w.e. then we went home and they got a ride home and that pretty much all i did that say.

The next day i sleep over shans house. Dubs gordo and scott came over and yep scott and gordo are the best cheerleaders ever! I was doing scopians and scott singled me. Pretty much the sweetest thing i ever did!! It was great. When they they left and well they called abck later, and i kinda got some really disapointng news :-/ But i really cant do anything aboju it.

Well the next night i sleep over shans house again. we ate a big dinner then jermey and gordo came over. We just talked and stuff, did the uasll wreasting things thats bout it. Then they left and me and shan tryed to download a mixer so i could make a h.c. mix cuz i dont no if the coach knows how...well that was fun for about 15 mins then we watched hide and seek , i really didnt liek it. It was pretty stupid and very confuzing, i hate those movies about people with spilt perasonalites there soo stupid. Then we went to bed cuz we had partice in the moring

Well partice was kinda good today. Baskets.....fing awesome....love it. Well anywase we got partice at 5 again today. Im exciting cheer is the one thing i love about life. :-/ i dunno ill update in about a week lol :-)


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July 4th, 2005 ♥ 9:50am]
well i havent updated in a while let me think....
Ok on friday me and dubs went to the Mt. clem fire works. It was pretty fun. We spent liek an hour trying to find tia, dubs sister. But thanks god we finally found her. After the fire works we went back to tias friend house. And scott was sossped to pick us up there. And after he liek sat there for about an hour he said he was going home. So then me and dubs had to walk home. OOMMGG can i say i almost god raped 83457894 times. This one time we walked by a house and this guy was yelling then statred walking down his porch we walked sooo fast around the couner and rannnnn to her grandpas house, and made her mom pick us up!! Then we went home and went to bed.

The next day my dad came and got us and we hung out at our house. Scott and gordo came and got us but my parentals wouldnt let us!!! So they waited for my dad to egt home so they could meet him. then you the the uassl wesreal talk..and we still couldnt go. So we pretty much just hung out and weastaled in my frount yard, that was until gordo was crashing dubs and dubs raning into dog poop and flund up at gordo.ewwww. Then we made them watch cheerleading, o they they liked me. then they left anf we ate dinenr. After my parents left for the conert they came back over, cuz dubs mom was really sosped to pick us up but accley they drove us. So we went ti dubs house and gordo decides to put on my underwere. haha funnest thing ever!! Then we sister called and told us to pick her up and lets go get ice creme. So we went to DQ and the next thing her mom comes driving down the street. So we went home and started on those dishes we were allready sossped to do! Then the mom left and we didnt really do anyhting. But the guys were sossed to be home at 12 and they left an hour later. good job guys!!

Yesterday we sesiously sis nothing, dubs came to my house, we sleep , ate, lol. Then at like 9 we started watching extreme home make over and wirting our captins eassys. Then like 9:30 scott and gordo call and asked if we wnated to go bolwing. And thank god we got to leve that house. WE didnt end up going bowling cuz it was closed so we went to miears like always. Me and dubs put on the uassl boas and sunglasses. But then scott decides to put on this little girls shirt. Yep so we flexes and mussels and RIPP, so we botted out of that store. Then Chris s house, and jermey was litghting off fireworks and we almost died! Then scott took me and dubs home and that was our night!

... [Friday
July 1st, 2005 ♥ 4:52pm]

Ok well i dont really rember where i stoped or what i did soooo let me try to rember.  WEll i rember a couple of days ago dubs and jamie came over after partices, and for some VERY random reason my mom went to burger king three times in a row?? i think she just wnated to leave cuz she was sick of us.  But after that erik and mike and sare came over and we swam.  Then the boys left and we were trying to help jamie stunt.  Then after we ate dinner jermey conway and steve came over and we went to the mitzels, and we were waiting for scott to get off work so we could go play lazer tag, but uh well it wasnt open?? Sooo we went and say a movie.  We saw war of the worlds well it was ok but most of us feel alseep.  Then we came home...and MISSION COMPLETE!!!! HAHA
Then the next moring we went to partices and me and jamie came back here and sleep, then at like 5 dubs came and got me.  Then we had to go with her mom to go tanning, well we just sat in the car and listin to music real loud and danced....well people stared :-(  Then we went back to dubs house and got ready and scott picked us up.  Then we were on a mission to find conway.  we pretty much stalked him, then we saw him in his window and kept calling..haha.  He finnaly awserned and said give him 10 mins.  so we wernt up to civic and scott let us drive.  Well me and dubs pretty much rock, but scott just likes to say we dont!!! Then we went and got him and drove around.  Then we went up to blossom heth...i dont no how to speel it.  Then we drove a little more, then got out and sat by the water.  Then we went back tos cotts house to see if we could use jermey truck.  He said yes, so they drove us home, then liek 10 mins later 007 threw tias window, and sleep over. 
Then me and dubs went to partice came home and sleep till 4!! :-)


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man o man [Tuesday
June 28th, 2005 ♥ 2:32pm]
Well where to start...
Well on saturday my mom drove me sare dubs steve and conway to the fondu room. and they decied to freak em out and tell me they didnt ahve money and i got all sacrid. Then her mom pick us up and we went back to dubs house. And her brother was seisuosly beating us up. It was so bad. So then at about midnight her mom liek its about time 2 wrap it up, so we told ehr we were gonana walk the boys out so we went for a little walk and they came back with us yep and they slep over!! so at 5:30 we told them they ahd to go in the closet just in case ehr mom came ina dn let em add they were in tehre for an hour be4 they came out. Then i called my dad and he came and picked me anna up. Then we went back to anna and i slep over there. We went to the grose poiint fire works. I dont i have ever seen so amny people in ym life. Then we came abck to anna and sare dubs steve steve and scott call and tell us to sneek out. but anna didnt want to and iw asnt gonan ditch her. So they liek sat in there car for about an hour trying to get us to go but we didnt end up going. We watched degrssi then went to bed. In the moring me and anna came abck to my house and went swimign and layed out. then scott m. said he was drinving and was gonna stop by so we came over for about and hour. Then i went to gym, it was very good. My tucks were really high. So i worked my layouts the first few were good then i kinda just gave up, and wnated to pretent to be a gymnisant. haha im cool. then after gym i went to dubs house. We made a pizza and called conway steve and scott and told them 2 pick us up. so after we got ready they came and got us. We went to baskin robbin and they were making fun of us and saying we were fat. I mean come on who does that. Then after that we went to migers. haha oommmgg it was sooo much fun. MY PICS WILL BE IN MY PIC THING. we pretty much just took random pics, and then scott threw me in the pillow bin and i couldnt get out. It was so funny. Then after that we went to steve house, and basicly just wreasted the whole time. Yep i rock!! :-) But then his mom told us we had to go, but we dint wanna go home, so dubs called her moma nd asked if we could sleep over elliots but she wnated to talk 2 elliots so we went to her house, and she liek i ened to tlak 2 there parnets soo were liek omg just nvm. So elliot had to drive us home cuz scott had to get the car in by 12. But we called conway steve and scott back anc told them 2 come over to dubs. And some hoe they got jermeys car and came over. Yep we had 2 break tias window so they could egt trough. And they ened up sleeping over, they left at like 5 and then we went to partice..

man o man....

boat [Saturday
June 25th, 2005 ♥ 10:56am]
Wellll yesterday i was had partice at 6:30-8:30 i came home and went to sleep till liek 12. Then sare calls ans says she wants 2 come swiming ta like 4 . Im like uhhh ok were gonan be gone but sure. So they deff stayed at my house for like 5 hours alone. there winner man ill tell u. :-) But anywase i went on the boat with my family. We went to mac and rays to eat. Yeah so i deff. tryed squid. It was really good. haha, yep thats coming from the pickest eater alive!! Then on the way home we drove threw metro, and then went by where they shot the fireworks off. Then we went back to my atuns house and went in the hot tub and thats bout it.

We miss you gordo.....its so dull without you, were not having any late night swims in the lake or anything!!!

Best week of my life!! [Wednesday
June 22nd, 2005 ♥ 11:04pm]
Well i pretty much just had the best week of ym life!!
Well my mom drove us to dubs house cuz i was gonna sleep over there but then we decied that we wnated to go to steve l house, and be the great guy that he is jermey picked us up!! Well once we got there i went wiht jermey to picked up gordo frmo fottball then stayed at his house for a bit. YUeah soo for form rnaodm reason i told ym mom i was over steves house and she got all mad and ehr like calling her sister for help on what to do!! But later it started to get really boring and me and dubs wnated to go swiming again, so we went with steve jermey conway gordo safer, and yeah i think thats it. So we went to the spot we went the first night. . .bwe didnt get caught. sgordo thinks if some splashes him he can take off there bra?? Then we went to 7-11 like dripping wet full of sand to egt slrupis. Sooo then we all drove to dubs house cuz no1 is ever home there!! Well we get there an her mom is walked out, so we tell the guys to jsut go drive around and well call u when she leaves. so then we jsut sat there until we decied we all wnated to drive aoruind dubs conpex. So me gordo and steve went in jermeys car. Lets just say i fing rock at driving. Sooooo we see this guy and a girl playing softball at 2 am now wut the heck is going on there!! Sooo then we come back and we think we see a car and there liek pushing dubs out fo the car and liek drove away, and i have no clue how to get in. So we went beihnd her house, and yeppp i had to climb through Tia's window, and yeah let me add it wasnt even her mom. So i climbed threw a window and she got her toe nail cut off for no reason!! Well we called them abck and told them it wasnt ehr mom soo come abck, gordo jermey and steve came. Sooo they tryed to drag us into the car so we could sleep over steve l house. And were liek no her mom gonna come home and find us not here. Sooo after they took like an hour to say goodbye the left and we and dubs were very gungrya nd lets at its 3 am. Soo i look in the frezzer and find 3 cheeese sticks but no pan, So we get a cupcake funa nd flip it over. Then dubs finds frosting and diped it in ice creme. sicko!! Well they alll kept calling us back and telling us to sleep over steve lights house cuz his mom wouldnt care of any thing. so we call dubs mom and ask her if we could go out to breakfast wiht some1 on cheer, she liek sure honey!!! haha soo jermey for a 3rd time drives out here and picks us up and we go "sleep" at steve l house. Yep so his mom didnt no we were there, and one time she came down me dubs and steve are all under a blaket trying to hide!! then jermey took us to partice and thats bout it.

sucks if u wernt with us this whole week!!!
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no clothes [Monday
June 20th, 2005 ♥ 1:13am]
Wellllll today was been sesiuosly the most fun and ranodm day ever!!! Well first i had a family party. Blah blah nothing big. After that Liam picked me up and we went to starbucks and then just drove around. And yesss he let me drive. Im sooo good man. Then we just drove around for like an hour. After that annas mom picked me up and dubs was wiht her to then i went over anna. Then Jermey, gordo, and steve l. picked us up. And we drove aorund for a little bit, yep got up to 105, very fast!! Then we stoped at wendeys cuz steve wnated a fruit cup, but they didnt have it, so he asked for a fruit bowl witch was 5 dollers!!! so we minsed that. now tell me how they had a bowl and not a cup. Sooooo we went to korger to get fruit cups!!! Sooo then gordo and steve decided to go in the back of the truck, yep soo we went on the express way. Haha sooo funny. they we went to steve house and watched the game and played a little pocker. We tryed to play strip pocker but i always got the stupid high crad so i quite. They were deff. cheating. Yep so his mom didnt no we were over so we keep having to hide!!! it was kidna like a game. Then we left and went driving, and we deciedwe wnated to go swiming. now heres where it all went down!! So we go on ardmore or some street and the gate was open. Sooo gordo went in first, then me and dubs wnated to go....so we got the boys clothes and went swiming.....but then this car comes and stops rihgt at the end of the street we touhgt it was the cops. Yep so lets all were all half naked and are cloths are all over the place. They liek sat tehre for 5 mins. Theey finnaly left and we got out of there as fast as we could!!!

Wut a fun night!!!! i LOVE random days

best day [Thursday
June 16th, 2005 ♥ 10:11pm]

Well i pretty much just had the best and most random day of my life!!
Well i was pretty bored and yeah i was sleeping then sare and kait called and said im goin to starbucks and the mall with them. So i got dress and jeff miller took us to the mall to get pretzels then to starbucks...yummm.  Then we went to mike jason house.  And mike needed shoes soooo we went to lakeside and met john flat and johnny b at the mall.  Yeah sooo they didnt end up getting shoes but o well.  Then we went to JOHNNY B house.  O man, i can die happy.  And now sares here.  And uh she sleeping over


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June 16th, 2005 ♥ 10:35am]



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